2018-01-18 Words fail: Lesion-symptom mapping of errors of omission in post-stroke aphasia

2018-01-10 Mind in nonhuman agent: Developmental Cybernetics

2017-12-20 Interpersonal processes: Attention performance in dyads

2017-12-18 Self as Object: What the Properties of Self-Bias Tell Us about the Self

2017-12-18 Psychosocial and physiological stress

2017-12-14 Do We Shift Our Preferences in Decision Making for Close Friends and Strangers?

2017-12-06 Theoretical Integration and the Psychology of Health Behaviours in Multiple Contexts and Cultures

2017-11-30 Actively studying with heart, head and culture – Studying can promote physical activity and with that set the stage for sustainable health, workability and happiness in a globalized world

2017-11-07 A computational account of epiphany learning: An eye-tracking study

2017-11-07 How Team Diversification Alleviates Team Performance Decline: An Investigation with Latent Growth Models

2017-10-23 Cortico-basal Ganglia Loop and Pathophysiology of Movement Disorders

2017-10-13 Creating Evidence Through Practice: Using Data Driven Decision Making

2017-10-12 Does Neuroscience Undermine Moral Responsibility?

2017-10-12 Implicit Moral attitudes

2017-10-09 Mindfulness intervention: effectiveness and new development

2017-10-09 Out-group aggression and In-group defense in intergroup conflict

2017-09-11 Contribution of the Hippocampus to Mnemonic Precision in Visual Short-term Memory

2017-09-04 Mechanisms of Cognitive Disruption and Intervention in Schizophrenia

2017-08-31 Virtual Reality as a Platform for Low Vision Orientation and Mobility Training

2017-08-28 Eye Tracking as a Marker for Autism: Considerations, quandaries, and the road ahead