Speaker: Dr.Xiaohong Xu, 中科院上海神经所

Time: August. 26th, 14:00 - 15:30

Venue: Room 1113, Wangkezhen Building (王克桢楼), Peking University

Abstract: The neural circuits that underlie sexual behaviors and aggression are intricately intermingled. Male sexual behaviors in mice consist of distinctive stages and motor components and are typically directed towards females only. On the other hand, aggressive behaviors in mice are much less stereotyped and are usually observed only during male-male interactions. In the past several years, using recently available tools to interrogate molecularly defined populations of hypothalamic neurons, our lab has delineated the important functions of several populations in governing these behaviors. Together, these results suggest an interesting antagonist circuit motif that regulate sexual behaviors or aggression in mice.

Host: Dr. Jian Li