Speaker: Tonglin Jiang, Ph.D. , University of Hong Kong

Time: 10:00 a.m. , 9th, September, 2019

Venue: #1113,Wangkezhen Building,Peking University

Abstract: My research concerns about connectedness in social context. Specifically, connectedness with others and connectedness within self. I this presentation, I’ll present what I have done on ostracism (disconnectedness with others), as well as the research on self-concept clarity (spatial connectedness between different self-aspects) and self-continuity (temporal connection between one’s past, present, and future self) briefly. Next, I’ll talk about two specific research in detail. The first one is Relative Deprivation: A Mechanism for the Ostracism–Aggression Link, which concerns about a new mechanism that could account for aggression following ostracism. Five studies have been conducted to support the mediating role of relative deprivation. The second one is The Jigsaw Puzzle of Self: Self-Concept Clarity Lays Foundation for SelfContinuity. Based on the metaphor of the jigsaw puzzle of self, the research concerns the relations among self-concept clarity, autobiographic memory, and self-continuity. It was hypothesized, and tested in seven studies, that low self-concept clarity would disrupt self-continuity, but resorting to autobiographic memory would counter this disruption, thus restoring selfcontinuity. After that, I’ll conclude the presentation with the research I’m going to do in the future.