Speaker:Prof. Sonia Lippke, Constructor University, Previously known as Jacobs University

Time: 11:30 - 13:00, Oct. 19, 2023

Venue:Room 1113, Wangkezhen Building


Patient safety in obstetrics and gynecology can be significantly enhanced through communication interventions designed to mitigate the risk of preventable adverse effects. Our research spanning four years and four distinct phases, including needs assessment, face-to-face and online trainings, a randomized controlled trial (RCT), and app testing, demonstrates efficacy. The application of theories and models from health psychology holds the potential to improve communication behaviors, thus contributing to enhanced patient safety.

This impact is particularly profound as it can lead to a reduction in preventable adverse events for expectant mothers and their children, while also alleviating stress among healthcare professionals. This approach is pioneering, as it has been relatively underexplored until now, yet its potential benefits extend across various target groups and clinical practices.

Furthermore, this research stands at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration. It equips healthcare practitioners, including those in medicine, midwifery, and nursing, with invaluable tools from health psychology, effectively extending the reach of health psychology into innovative primary-prevention settings.

Furthermore, different sustainable developmental goals (SDGs) are addressed: SDG3-Good Health and Well-being, SDG4-Quality Education, SDG8-Decent Work and Economic Growth as well as SDG10-Reduce Inequalities.