Chunli Yi is a lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Peking University. She got Ph. D at Peking University. Her current research interests focus on Research and intervention of Autism, Research and intervention of Tourette, family relationship impact on the development of adolescent, family therapy for adolescent with psychological problem, adolescent internet addiction and drug abuse.

List of Publications

1.Zhong J*, Wang C, Liu J, Qin M, Tan J, Yi C*, Psychometric Properties of the Padua Inventory in Chinese College Samples, Psychological Reports, 2011, 109, 3, 803-818.

2.Zhou T, Yi C*, Parenting Styles and Parents’ Perspectives on How Their Own Emotions Affect the Functioning of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Family Process, 2014, 53(1), 67-79

3.Zhou T, Yi C*, Zhang X, Wang Y, Factors Impacting the Mental Health of the Caregivers of Children with Asthma in China: Effects of Family Socioeconomic Status, Symptoms Control, Proneness to Shame, and Family Functioning, Family Process, 2014, 53(4),717-730

4.Wang C, Ni H, Ding Y, Yi C*, Chinese teachers’ perceptions of the roles and functions of school psychological service providers in Beijing, School Psychology International, 2015, 36(1), 77-93

5.Wang Y, Pan J, Zhang. X, Yi C* The association between family factors and child behaviour problems using dyadic data, Child: Care Health and Development, 2015, 41(6), 1082-1089 

6.Zhou Ting, Onojima Moe, Kameguchi Kenji & Yi Chunli*  Family structures and women’s status in rural areas of Xining, China: A family image study in the villages of Qinghai province, Asian Journal of Women's Studies, 2017, 23:1, 89-109, DOI: 10.1080/12259276.2017.1279887