Degree Year Major Institution
Ph.D. 2001-2007 Cognitive Neuroscience University of Maryland College Park
B.S. 1995-1999 Telecommunication Engineering Wuhan University


Dr. HuanLuo is an associate professor in department of brain and cognitive sciences and she is also a prinple investigator in IDG/McGoven institute for brain research . She also received Chang Jiang Young scholars from ministry of education in 2017. Her research interest mainly focus on neural mechanism of multi-object attention and working memory, MEG/EEG, temporal dynamics, neuronal oscillation, and neural mechanism of auditory and speech processing. Her lab employ cognitive behavioral approaches combined with brain mapping techniques (e.g., fMRI, MEG, etc.) to investigate this topic. She is currently in charge of projects that are supported by TWTF,Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, and NSFC.

List of Publications

(* Corresponding Author)

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