Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Glasgow, UK
2014/10 – 2019/02 Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience, Division of Visual Perception
Cognitive Psychology
Peking University, China
2010/09 – 2013/07 M.Sc. in Cognitive Psychology
Southwest University, China
2006/09 – 2010/07 B.Sc. in Psychology


Professional Experience

Peking University, China
2022/12 – present Assistant Professor, School of Psychology & Cognitive Sciences
University of Glasgow, UK
2019/02 – 2022/09 Post-doctoral Fellow, School of Psychology & Neuroscience
2018/01 – 2019/01 Research Assistant, School of Psychology & Neuroscience

List of Publications

Key Publications

Zhan, J., Liu M., Garrod, O.G.B., Daube, C., Ince R.A.A, Jack R.E., Schyns, P.G. (2021). Modelling Individual preferences reveals that face beauty is not universally perceived across cultures. Current Biology, 31(10), 2243-2252

Zhan, J., Garrod, O.G.B., van Rijsbergen, N. & Schyns, P.G. (2019). Modelling face memory reveals task-generalizable representations. Nature Human Behaviour, 3(8), 817-826.

Zhan, J., Ince, R.A.A., van Rijsbergen, N. & Schyns, P.G. (2019). Dynamic construction of reduced representations in the brain for perceptual decision behavior. Current Biology, 29(2), 319-326.

Other Journal Articles

Daube, C., Xu, T., Zhan, J., Webb A., Ince, R.A.A., Garrod, O.G.B., & Schyns, P.G. (2021). Grounding deep neural network predictions of human categorization behavior in understandable functional features: The case of face identity. Patterns, 100348.

Schyns, P.G., Zhan, J., Jack R.E. & Ince, R.A.A. (2020). Revealing the information contents of memory within the stimulus information representation framework. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B, 375(1799): 20190705.

Zhan, J., Jiang, X., Politzer-Ahles, S., Zhou, X. (2017). Neural correlations of fine-grained meaning distinctions: an fMRI investigation of scalar quantifiers. Human Brain Mapping, 38(8), 3848–3864.

Zhan, J., Yu, H., Zhou, X. (2013). fMRI evidence for the interaction between orthography and phonology in reading Chinese compound words. Frontiers in human neuroscience, 7.

Conference Proceedings

Zhan, J., Liu, M., Garrod, O.G.B., Jack, R.E. & Schyns, P.G. (2020). A generative model of cultural face attractiveness. In Proceedings of the 20th ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents IVA ’20. (Association for Computing Machinery), pp. 1–3.

Hensel, L.B., Zhan, J., Bjornsdottir, R.T., Garrod, O.G.B., Schyns, P.G., Jack, R.E. (2020). Psychologically valid social face features for virtual agents. In Proceedings of the 20th ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents IVA ’20. (Association for Computing Machinery), pp. 1–3.

Chen, C., Garrod, O.G.B., Zhan, J., Beskow, J., Schyns, P.G. & Jack, R.E. (2018). Reverse engineering psychologically valid facial expressions of emotion into social robots. In 13th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG2018), Xi'an, China, 15-19 May 2018, pp. 448-452.