Cognitive Neuroscience

The Division of Cognitive Neuroscience mainly investigates the cognitive and neural basis of high-level brain functions, which include perception, attention, memory, language, thinking, consciousness, and social cognition. The division has an array of labs including the Cognitive Psychology Laboratory, the Experimental Psychology Teaching laboratory, the Brain Imaging Laboratory, the Neuroeconomics Laboratory, the Physiological Psychology Teaching laboratory, the Visual Perception Research Laboratory, the Primate Electrophysiology Laboratory, and the Motor Control and Virtual Reality Laboratory.

Industrial and Economic Psychology

The Division of Industrial and Economic Psychology is devoted to the research of organizational management, personnel evaluation and selection, performance evaluation, career path planning, leadership development, group decision making, risk perception, culture and cognition, consumer behavior, the psychology of advertising, Investment Psychology/behavioral finance, etc.

Developmental and Educational Psychology

The Division of Developmental and Educational Psychology mainly focuses on early language acquisition and development in children, normal and abnormal development of children’s reading ability, normal and abnormal social development of children, development of executive control and psychological theory in children, mechanisms of problem behaviors in children and associated intervention measures.

Clinical Psychology

The Division of Clinical Psychology conducts studies pertaining to personality traits of Chinese people, and clinically relevant issues such as shame and social anxiety, coping and stress management, and the cognitive functions of OCD patients. The division has also established a systematic curriculum on Clinical Psychology, offering courses such as Abnormal Psychology, Psychometrics, Introduction to Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy, Interview and Diagnosis, Topics on Clinical Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Family Therapy and Ethical Norms and so on. It also provides a series of intern programs in psychiatry, psychotherapy, and systematic supervision training for graduate students majoring in clinical Psychology。