Psychology — an approach to success and wellbeing

One of the challenges that confront scientists is to investigate the relationship between consciousness and its matter, or in other words, the mind and the brain. Psychology explores human (and animal) behavior, cognition, and emotion, and in doing so, plays a very significant role within other scientific disciplines. Psychology is the science of the human mental world and the human behavioral pattern. Psychology is also an interdisciplinary discipline that employs the comprehensive use of behavioral measures and cutting-edge techniques. Psychological experiments lead to scientific discovery that can be applied to humans at both an individual and a societal level. Due to the rapid development of the Chinese economy and the emphasis on building a harmonious society, there is increasing concern about mental health, well-being, interpersonal relationships, fairness, and justice. Psychology can help one not only understand oneself, but also understand other individuals, and more importantly, understand the interchanging relationship between the two, also termed: society. To master this field is to master a way of thinking in a time where the philosophy from the Ancient Greeks to the Postmodernists can be put to the test scientifically and the wonders of the brain can be slowly revealed.