To strengthen practical skills of master students, our school have signed internship agreements with many agencies for our students to have internship there. Representative agencies are showed in Table 10 below.

Agencies for SPCS students' internship

EnterpriseBeijing Saiwei Consulting Co., Ltd.
Beijing Talent Consulting Agency
China Mobile Research Institution
Willis Towers Watson(Beijing)
Ernst & Young Global Limited(China)
and Mental Health
Beijing Anding Hospital
Peking University Sixth Hospital
Psychological Counseling Center of Peking University Hospital
Mental Health Education and Counseling Center, Peking University
Educational InstitutionCenter of Early Childhood Education, Peking University
Haidiam Peizhi School, Beijing
Harvest Bilingual Kindergarten, Haidian District

All SPCS graduate students have their own supervisor. Immediately after entering the graduate programs, students will join their supervisor’s lab to carry out scientific research, and need to complete a certain amount of research assistant work. This requirement guarantees the quality of our graduate education. Since 2014, graduate students in SPCS has published 286 academic papers. The school also encourages them to participate in international exchanges. Since 2014, students have participated in international exchanges or academic conferences for 346 times. In 2019, six doctoral candidates participated in joint doctoral training programs funded by the China Scholarship Council. The joint training universities are top universities in the world, such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Chicago.

SPCS emphasizes the education of academic ethics and academic norms. New graduate students need to take a course on academic ethics and academic norms, and need to pass the exam. SPCS deals with any violation of academic ethics very seriously, and always reminds students of academic norms. In the past five years, there was no violation of academic ethics in graduate students’ dissertations.