Someone describes the Department of Psychology as “small department, great achievement”, while in my eyes, this department’s loveliness lies in the opportunities it provides to the students. We have the most talented professors in China who are also world renowned, plentiful resources for extracurricular and social activities, but the most important of all is the lovely fellows around you. To be honest, Psychology wasn’t my first choice when taking the college entrance exam, however I never regret my choice.

——Niu Qikun, 2011 graduate(now studies at George Mason University, USA)


Love brain cognition, and child development;
Love psychotherapy, and organizational management.
I have nothing special, while I am special;
I’m different from others, but I’m like you.
I’m a Psyer at PKU. 
Here a small but warm family awaits you!

——Ma Jingjing, 2011 graduate (Now a master student at Department of Psychology, Peking University)


What the Department has given me way more than the Psychological terminology, which are on our lips from time to time, or a certificate of Psychological experiment participation; I am totally in love with this subject which not only requires rigorous rational thinking, but is also suffused with warm concern for human beings. It has made me grow up from an innocent high school girl to a thoughtful and enthusiastic PKU Psyer with an explorative mind!

——Wang Yidan, 2011 Freshman