SPCS has put a lot of effort into constructing its courses. Table 11 provides the information on all graduate courses, including both required courses and elective courses.

Graduate course information

Course nameCreditsCourse type
Psychological Research Methods3Required course
Seminar on Cognitive Neuroscience3Required course
Seminar on Clinical Psychology3Required course
Seminar on Developmental Psychology3Required course
Seminar on Applied Psychology3Required course
Scientific Writing in Psychology2Required course
Advanced Statistics in Psychology (I)2Required course
Advanced Statistics in Psychology (II)2Required course
Psychopathology2Required course
Advanced Psychological Testing2Required course
Child Psychopathology2Required course
Seminar on Cognitive Psychology2Required course
Seminar on Clinical Psychology2Required course
Research Techniques for Cognitive Neuroscience2Required course
Seminar on Social Psychology2Required course
Seminar on Organizational Psychology2Required course
Seminar Managerial Psychology2Required course
Seminar on Economic Psychology2Required course
Psychotherapy8Elective course
Group Counseling2Elective course
Learning and Memory2Elective course
Social Cognitive Neuroscience2Elective course
Seminar on Human Resource Management I: Strategic Human Resource Management2Elective course
Seminar on Human Resource Management II: Recruitment and Personnel Selection2Elective course
Seminar on Human Resource Management III:Personnel Assessment2Elective course
Seminar on Human Resource Management IV:Performance Management2Elective course
Seminar on Cultural Psychology2Elective course
Functional Brain Imaging2Elective course
Seminar on Neuropsychology2Elective course
Auditory Neuroscience2Elective course
Ethical Principles of Clinical Psychology2Elective course
Family Therapy2Elective course
Video Analysis of Parent-child Interaction and Supervision of Family Case2Elective course
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy2Elective course
Interview and Assessment2Elective course
Theory and Practice of Sandplay Therapy 2Elective course
Psychodynamic Therapy2Elective course
Stress Management2Elective course
Seminar on Language Development2Elective course
Inhibitory Processes in Attention, Memory and Language2Elective course
School Counseling2Elective course
Seminar on Social Cognition - Human attachment2Elective course
Computation and Modeling in Cognitive Neuroscience2Elective course
Seminar on Multisensory Processing2Elective course
Seminar on Biological Psychology2Elective course
Occupational Health Psychology: Job Stress and Management2Elective course
Seminar on Career Planning and Management2Elective course
Cognitive Control2Elective course
Group Psychotherapy2Elective course
Brain and Immunity2Elective course
Decision-making Behavior2Elective course
Seminar on Psychology of Language2Elective course
Language Development2Elective course
Seminar on Comparative Psychology2Elective course
Seminar on Leadership Psychology2Elective course
Seminar on Social Psychology2Elective course
Risk Perception and Decision making2Elective course
Psychological Method and Practice on Organizational Behavior2Elective course
Practice and Supervision of Psychotherapy-I2Elective course
Practice and Supervision of Psychotherapy-II2Elective course
Suicide and Crisis Intervene: Theory and Supervision2Elective course
Psychotrauma Therapy 2Elective course
Understanding Psychiatry:Phenomena, Psychopathology, and Case Discussion2Elective course
Seminar on Performance Management2Elective course
Seminar on Advertising Psychology2Elective course
Social Behavior of Primates2Elective course
Seminar on Consumer Psychology2Elective course
Behavioral Pharmacology2Elective course
Seminar on Perceptual Learning2Elective course
Psychology of Language2Elective course
Children`s Depression1Elective course
Evidence-Based Psychotherapy in Children1Elective course
Assessment in Clinical Psychology 1Elective course
Personality Assessment and Diagnosis1Elective course
Psychology of Decision Making1Elective course
Seminar on Developmental Dyslexia1Elective course