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Dr. Li Yi Appointed Associate Editor of Autism Reearch

Dr. Jiajin Tong’s lab found that collectivism boosters the fuction of institutional trust on reducing employee worries and griefs

Dr. Huan Luo joined the Editorial board of PLoS Biology

Dr. Yuji Naya group revealed distinct neural networks of parietal cortex for spatial representations inside and outside the visual field

Dr Zhou Guangyu's team revealed possible pathways between HIV disclosure to family members and quality of life among people living with HIV/AIDS

Dr. Guangyu Zhou's lab revealed the underlying mechanisms of how sexual minority stigma developed into depression

Dr Guangyu Zhou's team published their COVID-19 pandemic research results on Current Psychology

Dr. Jiajin Tong’s lab found the impact of maternal and paternal parenting styles and parental involvement on Chinese adolescents’ academic engagement and burnout

Dr. Jiajin Tong’s lab found that physical fitness reduces academic burnout in elementary students

Dr. Jiajin Tong’s laboratory found that mindful awareness helps to avoid maladaptive coping at work

Dr Yao Xiang’s laboratory found that the relationship between proactive socialization behaviors and P-E fit perceptions are reciprocal in an academic environment

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Hang Zhang Lab discovers why people distort probability

Dual coding of the identity and location information in the primate temporal lobe

Dr. Yuji Naya group revealed the neural representation of cognitive map in the medial prefrontal cortex when locating the egocentric location of target.

Dr. Yuji Naya’s laboratory revealed top-down memory signal which originates from the human inferior frontal gyrus and changes its destination depending on the modalities of to-be-retrieved conceptual ...

A neurobiological association of revenge propensity during intergroup conflict

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