Dr Yao Xiang’s laboratory found that the relationship between proactive socialization behaviors and P-E fit perceptions are reciprocal in an academic environment

Prof. Xiaolin Zhou’s lab: Computational and neurobiological substrates of cost-benefit integration in altruistic helping decision

Dr. Yuji Naya’s Lab: How to use memory?

Hang Zhang Lab discovers why people distort probability

Dual coding of the identity and location information in the primate temporal lobe

Dr. Yuji Naya group revealed the neural representation of cognitive map in the medial prefrontal cortex when locating the egocentric location of target.

Dr. Yuji Naya’s laboratory revealed top-down memory signal which originates from the human inferior frontal gyrus and changes its destination depending on the modalities of to-be-retrieved conceptual ...

A neurobiological association of revenge propensity during intergroup conflict

More than just "parting ways"

Dr. Li Yi’s group revealed abnormal gaze following in a reciprocal context in children with autism

Zhou Guangyu research group published a journal article in AIDS and Behavior, revealing the mediational mechanism of HIV disclosure on ART adherence

Dr. Xiaofei Xie’s team revealed that altruistic behaviors relieve physical pain

Prof. Fang’s group and collaborators characterized differential white matter maturation from birth to 8 years of age

Dr. Hang Zhang and Dr. Li Yi collaborated to reveal the impact of autism traits on information sampling behavior in typically developing population

Dr. Yanjie Su’s laboratory found the development of inhibitory control plays an important role in the developmental trajectory of preschoolers’ impartial behaviors

Dr. Jiajin Tong’s laboratory found that self-blaming has potential positive outcomes when employees expereince workplace incivility

A public lecture for the Engineering Psychology course: Sensory Branding

Dr. Wu Yanhong’s laboratory found that the anterior insular cortex is a bottleneck of cognitive control

Dr. Wu Yanhong’s laboratory found that the anterior insular cortex (AIC) plays a critical role in interoceptive attention

Jian Li’s team found that private but not social information validity modulates social conformity bias