Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Cognitive neuroscience is attracting more and more attention and has become one of the most popular cross fields at present. It touches on a wide range of fields, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, human-computer interaction, user experience and so on, which are highly concerned at present. It mainly focuses on the cognitive neural mechanisms of higher brain functions such as perception, attention, memory, language, thinking, consciousness and social cognition. It has established several national key laboratories.

Department of Managerial and Social Psychology

The department mainly studies organizational management psychology, human resource management, leadership development, occupational health and career management, applied social psychology, decision psychology, etc. We pay attention to the combination of learning and practice, training students in the field of practice to use psychological professional theory, skills and technology to solve problems. We have sent a large number of talents for enterprises and public institutions, government departments and educational institutions

Department of Clinical and Health Psychology

The department studies the generation, development and aging of human cognition, language and sociality. In the process of teaching, we also pay attention to the needs of family education, school education and psychological counseling practice, so as to cultivate students' ability to solve practical problems by applying the professional theories and techniques of psychology in the field of practice.

Department of Developmental and Educational psychology

The research directions of this department include personality characteristics, social anxiety, personality disorders, etc. It has set up a series of systematic clinical psychology teaching courses, and has psychiatric internship, psychological counseling internship and other clinical psychology undergraduate training programs in line with international practices. Mental health is playing an increasingly important role in people's life today. Through courses and practice, students can lay a good foundation for future psychological counseling and mental health services.